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Industrial roofing installations and industrial building owners’ issues can drastically differ from those involved in commercial roofing systems.

An industrial building owner has extra responsibilities when it comes to personal safety as well as keeping the contents of the building safe.

They need to be aware of potential issues and look for solutions before they arise. Many people don’t fully grasp the differences between industrial and commercial roofing applications, but these industries are very different and should be handled differently.

Our experience in industrial roofing is diverse, and we know these industry differences very well.

We can offer expert advice to meet your business requirements best and ensure that after your industrial roof installation is complete, your roof is the last thing you must worry about.

What’s an Industrial Roof?

Installing a roofing system in a factory or a commercial building can seem overwhelming; however, with some knowledge of the basics of the industrial roofing industry, it might not seem so daunting.

Most factory and commercial building owners use a flat roofing system, the most common roofing system for industrial applications.

A typical industrial/commercial flat roof covers a wide area, allowing extensive industrial facilities to avoid a certain height to accommodate the pitch of a sloped roof style.

Another good reason most owners choose a flat roofing system is that it provides an industrial building extra space to accommodate heating and cooling equipment and keep them away from the production floor.

Finally, flat roofs are less expensive than peaked options, which makes it an easy decision for industrial building owners.

It’s essential and helpful for a roofing installer to be familiar with the unique demands of flat roofs, from load-bearing requirements to the difficulties of standing water and buckling.

Choosing a roofing system designed to address these issues will help ensure a longer lifespan and better performance from your roof. 

Varying roofing systems require different components and solutions to the hazards a roof may face, so industrial ceilings and commercial roofs are very different.

The main difference is that industrial roofing systems are subject to more sources of damage over the years, such as rapid heat fluctuation, chemical smokes, and debris.

The roofing surface is also in danger of being damaged by dirt, which slowly but surely weakens areas of the roof system.

Not all industrial roofs are alike, and an experienced industrial roofing contractor can help you determine the best solution for your needs.

Industrial roofing materials are designed for years of reliable use. The purpose of these materials is to keep out water and guard against leaks, mould, mildew, and rot. Another requirement is that industrial roofing materials must be able to prevent damage from UV rays, hail, extreme winds, acid rain, and more.

Many industrial roofing products are rated for fire resistance. Therefore, facilities dealing with flammable materials and other volatile components would benefit from them. When choosing your industrial roofing materials, it’s imperative to understand the risks and hazards that will be exposed to your roof to pick the best roofing material for you.

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