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Flat roof replacement
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Flat roof replacement and flat roof repair in Toronto


Flat roofing is possible during the winter time in Toronto, if you need an emergency roof  replacement or reroofing needed, we will get it done for you.

Flat roof should get fixed right a way when is leaking, before it bring on more roof damage you will need to search for a  Flat roofing company and get the roof replaced within time.

There is many residential flat roofs that can get replaced with 2 ply – torch down, which some has excising old tar & gravel and extra 1 or 2 ply torch down or 1 ply roofs on top of the gravel as an extra layer of roofing.

For most of residential flat roofs torch down is the best option and it can get you over 20 years if the workmanship is right.

There is many roofing companies that provide 10 years warranty with this type of flat roofs.

When it comes to workmanship this type of flat roofing required advanced roofing experienced installer that can hold on to safety at first & prefect torching also required.

We also do shingle roof repair or other type of roof repairs, incase if you are dealing with an old roof that required roof repair or roof replacement than let us know, we will be ready to help.

Get in touch with us if you need  Flat roof repair, emergency flat roof replacement or if flat roof maintenance needed.

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