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Roof estimate is different for each type of roofs, price can go way more higher when you have to replace a roof weather its a residential roofing or commercial roofing.

When it comes to do roof repair in Toronto, We are ready to respond to your roofing needs within days, and make sure the roof is waterproof till you change the roof or if the roof is not just to do a reasonable repair and keep it for years ahead.

Now keep in mind flat roof repair or shingle roof repair are different from each other and the cost is different when its  commercial roofing or residential roofing.

Roof replacement comes always with high quality martial, whether its a flat roof or shingle roof we will provide you 10 years warranty

and there fore we will make sure each part of the roof is installed perfectly and we will get it done at once for good.


What is in the proposal?

Well, a good roofing quotation should consist the best  roofing solutions  for you residential or commercial roofs, it should explain the roofing systems and of course, the pricing! It should also contain  the best products, designs, brand names and pricing provided by the roofer so that you exactly know what you are agreeing with and what you can actually expect from the roofer.

All our roof estimate in Toronto are provided to you by email, and usually its easy to understand because we put everything together so that everyone can understand what they are paying for.


  •   Flat roof replacement
  •   Shingle roof replacement
  •   Cedar roof replacement
  •   Slate roof replacement
  •   residential roofing & Commercial roofing

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