Flat roofing in Toronto

Flat roof replacement

Flat roofing in Toronto

Commercial Flat Roof replacement

Commercial Roofing in Toronto

Quality Roofing Services ltd is providing  Flat roofing services for commercial roofing in Toronto and all over gta.

We provide flat roofing in Toronto for residential roofing & commercial roofing and industrial roofing, there is many kind of flat roof has been installed by different roofing companies and different roofers in the past all over the city, some last long and some other less than 10 years.

the benefit of hiring a solid roofing company is that we will make sure it last even above 20 years with least  roof maintenance and even no roof maintenance required within first 10 years and that’s all thanks to roofing in Toronto for over 15 years, mostly 2 ply torch down flat roofs in Toronto.

If you heard somewhere that tar & gravel roofing is better than 2 ply torch down, than u should know right away that something is wrong, I tell you i hear this on the radio and i m like no way.

in First place torching is required allots of skills which many roofing companies don’t have a good torch man, labour is the main reason when a roofer advertise other than torch down flat roofing.

in any other kind of flat roofing where torching not required almost anyone can do the job with just weeks of experience and that’s why tar & gravel is not better than torch down, because first of all u might deal with a unexperienced crew, sec with torch down flat roofing u can see the slope better, if there is any damage in the feature, its also visible, u will be able to see the quality of job right away, and u will have a better water drainage system.


I have seen many tar & gravel roof repair needed and all of them has not a good slope and water sit there till it get sucked by the gravel which it might take for a while or many cracks around the flashing or by the corners, most of them need to get re-sloped and even curbs must be removed to make sure water move towards a drains or a new eaves needed.


For Commercial roofing, I recommend you torch down 2 ply or 3 ply flat roofs which is coming with 10 years warranty labour and material, check the picture above that’s the last layer torched, Cap 250 membrane.




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