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Residential Roofing company in Toronto, Roof replacement and Roof repair in Toronto

Quality Roofing Services ltd has been providing roofing services in Toronto for over 15 years, and we  can take proper care of all your residential roofing needs.

   Flat roofing

We provide the varieties  of roofing services every day,  for example flat roof replacement requires to reshape a flat roof and create a nice slope, making sure no water sit on the flat roof.

maybe we should add an eaves to some old style residential roofing to make sure have better water flow, so we take care of all of that at once, even if you have an old chimney we will take it down and replace it for you.

Sometimes residential flat roofs meet siding or flashings required which we also have great knowledge about it beside all of this you need great general roof replacement knowledge in order to provide the best roofing services in Toronto.

   Shingle roof Replacement

Residential Shingle roof replacement is what we always provide, specially if need roof replacement in Toronto, or downtown, East York and North York, Etobicoke or high park area.

Many houses in this area requires flat roofing and shingle roof replacement at the same time and even some eavestrough work that we are able to provide when we get the roof.

Shingle roofing is in some cases also part of commercial roofing as there is many commercial roofs include some shingle roof and some flat roof, but not all of them.

Residential shingle roofing requires allots of care to make sure nothing get damage, and also a very serious clean up when the job is done plus a magnet sweet at the end to make sure there is no nail left over, which we are aware of it.

Cedar roofing & Slate roofing in Toronto

Cedar roofing and Slate roofing is also mostly part of residential roofing and in some cases there is cedar roofs as part of a commercial roofing, with recent price increase cedar is not a cheap option anymore and the top grade is well expensive.

but still there some custom home roofing that they are not made and designed or to good to install just regular shingle roofs on it, in this kind of costume homes still homeowners prefer to go with cedar roofing or slate roofing.

both cedar and slate comes in different grade and price, slate come in real stone or plastic look like slate, which we install it the most when it come to slate roof replacement.


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