Prevent the roof from ice dams with Toronto roofing contractors

The ice dams on the roofs are caused mainly due to the melting and refreezing of the snow on the roof. When the upper part of the roof deck is heated by the warm air in the attic, the snow melt down and run towards the eaves. But, it gets refreeze again due to the extreme cold climatic condition outside. This constant changing of the ice causes the damping of the decks, roofs and even the walls of the house. It makes the house really a dangerous place to live in. The best possible solution to this problem is ice-damp service and we provide the best roofing contractors in Toronto to deal with the issue.

How we protect the roof?

To protect the deck, roof and the walls from getting damage due to the ice, we use a simple yet effective technique. We install a form of underlayment beneath the shingles to protect the melted ice from getting inside.
We use various types of underlayment for the protection of the deck and the roof. The installation of the underlayment depends on the structure and slope of the roof. If you have a very low sloping roof then it will require a more advanced ice and water protecting underlayment.
You must understand one thing first. The underlayment will protect the water from entering your roof but it will not be able to stop the ice from melting and forming. Receive the best solution from one of the best residential roofing companies in Toronto.


Spending on prevention saves spending more on cure!

We will suggest you keep the temperature of the attic as isolated and cool as possible. Remove any unwanted materials from the roof that is generating excess heat. Install proper ventilation and insulations on the roof for the hot air to pass out and cold air to come in. Ask the roofing contractor to make proper ventilation system in the attic.
Do not ignore such problems thinking it will do no harm. Many shingle manufacturers do not provide warranty for water damaging, so it will be better if you prevent such kinds of the problem from happening. Protect your roof to protect the loved ones living with you.

Why take chances?

The water breakups from the ices can cause serious damage to the roof and to the entire house. Moreover, the shingle manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t generally cover the leaks caused from water breakup. Our roofing contractors provide the best protection and roofing solutions by even installing the proper eave underlayment and ventilation.

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