Residential shingle roof replacement in Toronto

If you do not install the asphalt shingles as per manufacturers guidelines, then you probably have voided the shingle warranty, but that doesn’t mean you will get a huge warranty from manufacture.

they always back up there product only, which means labour is not there part, roofing is all about prefect workmanship so les not get tricked with 50 years manufacture warranties, as a honest roofer i tell you you will get 20 good years from a roof if its installed right with a top brand shingle.

Although with such a huge experience of roofing services in Toronto, we know that there are certain types of shingles that works well with particular type of roof slopes.

We only work at the moment with CertainTeed landmark shingles, we believe in and that we know would serve best value to the homeowners.

We have restricted our selection only to architectural shingle roofing because this particular type offers the best overall performance. This shingle is composed of fiberglass mat which is covered in asphalt and coated with granules.


We use CertainTeed brand and type landmark shingles in order to be able to come with 10 years warranty which it will last way more longer and it will stay waterproof even if shingle are gone after 20 years because of complete roofing system we provide.

which comes with ice shield protection, full syntactic waterproof paper, metal vent, land mark capping, and we also care about attic circulation when we have to replace a roof.

We provide you a long lasting roof that it will at least give 20 years of roofs above your head with least roof maintenance needed.

  •   The quality of shingle brand you choose
  •   Quality of the material and its strength when u get it from suppliers.
  •   the weight and grade of shingle
  •   The design and the structure of the shingles.


I believe there is not much differed between the top grade and medium grade shingles, maybe around $1000 and you can have the best quality shingle roof instead of some cheap shingle roof.

Just try to hire a proper roofing company and see the difference all by yourself. By  replacing a shingle roof  with us, your house will get new strength to face the upcoming weather changes and climatic conditions.

Shingle roof replacement

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