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Here, at Quality Roofing Services ltd, we take the pride to convey the fact that all our roofing services in Toronto are excellent.

quality roofers in Toronto are committed to providing the best solution for all roofing needs in Toronto.

Moreover, the owners get the excellent workmanship with a 10 years labor warranty and martial warranty from our roofing company plus the owner can also apply for manufacture warranty when the roofers provide a shingle roof as per manufacture requirement.

For shingle roofs manufacture provide 25 years to 50 years material warranty depending on the grade and style but hey we all know how long they will last so I would say expect 20 good years if the job is done by well experienced roofers.

We also provide 10 years warranty for all our Flat roofing whether its a residential roofing or commercial roofing we will provide you 10 years warranty for workmanship and material.

We also recommend to do roof repair when its worth it, like when the roof is not really old. keep in mind when an old roof repairs needed than this will keep going on till you replace the roof.’

There for when you have 10 years back-up from a roofing company it should give you piece of mind that roofers will do there best to not to come back and that’s what we both want, changing your roof once for good.

All our roof replacement will come with 10 years warranty, long story short when we change a roof the owner will have 10 years warranty right away, regardless from what the deal is We are responsible for all the roof that we have been changing within the 10 years and older that why we also provide roof maintenance after the warranty period.

please give us a call if you thing there is anything needed with your roof.




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