Residential and Commercial Roofing Services in Toronto

Residential and Commercial Roofing Contractor in Toronto


Quality roofing services is a reliable local roofing contractor serving clients in the Toronto area. We work with residential and commercial customers, providing exceptional roof service and maintenance.

Your roofing contractor is responsible for assisting you in caring for your roof, so you get peak performance and maximum longevity in return. We offer free roof estimates and around-the-clock emergency roof service, all part of how we’ve earned the impeccable reputation we’ve had since launching the business in 2005. As a professional roofing contractor in Toronto, we prefer to care for your roof with the utmost proficiency and skillfulness.

Our company is considered one of Toronto’s most expert and efficient roofing services. Understanding the nature and condition of your roof, we provide a specific service. From new roofing to roof repair and replacement in Toronto, our specialists excel in a wide variety of roofing services.



When it comes to your home or business, not just any roofing contractor will do; you need the best. We’re there when you need us for emergency roof repair or scheduled inspections. Quality Roofing Services is always just a call away for any roofing services in Toronto.

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Common Reasons Homeowners Need Roofing Repairs

Over time, it’s common to face the need for roofing repairs. However, you should also be aware that many types of problems are avoidable, so make sure you know how to keep up with maintenance for your roofing system.

Some of the most common circumstances that lead to problems with roofing include:

  • Natural Aging Process
  • Storm Damage
  • Tree Branches That Weren’t Trimmed
  • Gutter Backup
  • Neglected Holes
  • Shoddy Installation
  • Lack of or Damaged Flashing

Signs You Need Roof Repairs or Roof replacement.

The key to roof repair service is making arrangements as soon as you know you need it. One way to stay ahead of this and avoid emergency repairs is to keep current with scheduling regular roof inspection appointments.

As a property owner, some things to watch for include the following:

  • Leaks
  • Visible Daylight
  • Missing Shingles
  • Curled or Cracked Shingles
  • Granules in the Gutter or on the Ground

Your roof is the essential feature of your home or commercial building because it’s the first defence against the elements. Keeping your rooftop in excellent condition is a prime example of taking the best care possible of your property.

With the help of roof repair services in Toronto, it becomes easier for you to look after your roof as the service providers are experienced and skilled enough to handle the tasks.

Ignoring the need for repairs will cause the existing problem to intensify; it can quickly escalate from repair needs to replacement needs. At Quality Roofing Services, we’re here to offer help and advice on how to get the best performance and longevity from your existing roofing system. Alongside this, we provide exceptional service of roof repair in Toronto that gives your housetop a new look.

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