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Superior Flat Roofing Services in Toronto

Flat roofs are gaining popularity as energy efficiency and “green” energy solutions have come to the forefront of Canadian thinking.

That is because they offer many options for improved efficiency, including highly effective flat roofing membranes.

Once only the domain for residential interests, the energy-conscious Toronto resident takes full advantage of flat roofing and roofing membranes.

Quality Roofing & Contracting is the company to call for the highest quality flat roofing options.

We are experts in the Flat Roofing industry with years of experience and have grown with the technology.

We fully embrace green energy solutions and recycle our metal material to contribute to the cause.

We’ve proudly provided energy-efficient roofing solutions for Toronto residents since 2005 and are dedicated to ensuring each homeowner has the roofing that best serves their needs. That is why we are the top choice in Toronto for flat roofing.

Flat Roofing is the Energy Efficient Choice

A flat roof itself offers unique opportunities for energy-efficient solutions. For example, roof gardens or solar panels can easily be installed on a flat roof. However, roofing is the foundation of energy efficiency on a flat roof.

At Quality Roofing Services, we have a quality selection of flat roofing options, from Torch-down and EPDM rubber roofing to dura deck and TPO plastic composites.

Our roofing options are superior products backed by a solid warranty and our satisfaction guarantee.


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The Experienced Toronto Flat Roofers

While you may assume that flat roofs are only for commercial real estate and apartment buildings, many modern homes are designed with the architectural finesse of flat roofing.

Most often situated in arid climates with less risk of water damage, sleek flat roofing is becoming increasingly popular in Los Angeles and all around the country.

Among our plethora of excellent commercial roof options, Guardian Roofs offers quality flat roofing services with professional artisans working with you every step of the way. From new roof installation to complete flat roof repair, we’re committed to giving you the best roof possible with unbeatable customer service.

Does your new home need quality flat roofing? Call the trusted roofing company in California today for your free consultation with one of our friendly contractors.

Reasons to Install Flat Roofings

One of the main reasons people opt for flat roofing, even though it’s not very common, is that it’s not very common. You’ve probably seen celebrity-designed homes with modern floor-to-ceiling windows and sleek flat rooftops.

Those types of unique properties will benefit from a durable flat roof.

Another reason people might choose flat roofing is that it’s energy efficient. Due to their large surface area, they’re an excellent option for those wishing to capture solar energy to power their home, and many of these roofing options reflect heat to keep your energy costs low.

And always the main reason is that you need a new roof and can rely on us as one of the best flat roofers in Toronto.

Please call us today at 416-6660798 or 647 831 2503 for a free roof estimate.

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