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Expert Flat roofing in Toronto

If you are searching for a professional to care for your Toronto flat roofing needs, you have come to the right place.

Here at Quality Roofing Services Contractors, this is one of the many areas of roofing-related specialties we take care of.

This is generally used only for commercial applications and good reason – it would be impossible to build a sloped roof for large commercial buildings. So, this is something you commonly see on buildings in and around Toronto.

As the premier choice for servicing these roofs, we are also pretty well-educated, which means we can better help you understand. Since 2005,

We have been the obvious choice when choosing a Toronto roofing contractor for various essential services, including flat roofing systems.

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Flat Roofing Contractors

One main difference between flat roofing systems is that waterproofing and weatherproofing are paramount. Because the roof is flat, this enables water to collect, and without proper protection, it will seep into the roofing and, eventually, everything below.

Quality Roofing Contractors know the importance of inspecting the roof for possible leaks.

The bottom line is that a flat roof does not have the runoff a sloped roof has, which can lead to trouble. There are several types of flat roofs, such as EPDM and multiply.

Best Flat Roofing for TORONTO’S Businesses and Homes

Flat roofing can also be used for residential homes and provide unique benefits. For one thing, this is a cost-effective approach to roofing and makes the installation much more accessible.

This is also ideal if you are considering solar panels or want a rooftop garden. You can also add on by building up, with greater ease if you have a flat roof system.

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