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We understand that you need to feel secure about your new roof. It’s a sizable investment that you’re making.

We offer a non-prorated labour warranty with every installation that we complete, and that’s ten years labour and martial warranty, which is a standard option in which we will put enough love into our job to make it last 20 years or more.

This means that in the case of a problem with the installation of your roof, our roofing contractors will come out again and fix the original problem with the roof’s structure in a timely and professional manner within ten years.

We stand confidently behind our labour and installation with this valuable warranty to protect our brand & reputation in the market, which we did not earn it easily.


Many roofing materials that we use come with their warranties. Depending on the product chosen for your roof, Many roofing companies in Toronto will provide warranties ranging from 5 years to a lifetime; here at Quality Roofing Services minimum, we provide ten years Warranty for roof replacement.

For a residential roof replacement, we use Certainteed landmark Ar which is a regular and standard landmark shingle; keep in mind it’s still the top brand and the most expensive shingle in the supplier to the point that this year I’m thinking of providing an option to use Gaf timberline and one more brand.

A manufacturer warranty can be 25 to 50 years for residential products based on Certainteed and other manufacturers. It comes with a certificate and requires adding three additional roofing products from the same brand for the same job plus, it must be installed by manufacture code, and it should also get installed by a licensed Toronto Roofing Contractor.

While a noon manufacturer-certified roof is cheaper because no license fee is involved or any extra accessory will be used, having a certified roof will ensure you have hired a good contractor who could provide a solid job that could become licensed.

While most small residential roofs don’t need such a licence, some custom homes require premium shingles, and having a licensed roof for some customers gives more peace of mind. Here at quality, we offer company and manufacturer warranties for extra fees.

We, as a roofer, will have to make sure to install a product that it should last at least 20 years and to make sure this happens, we don’t just install shingles; we provide a roofing system which includes premium synthetic underlayment, Metal vents, lifetime shingles, and other flashings.

All our residential roof replacement and commercial roof replacements come with 10 ten years of labour and a martial warranty by Quality Roofing Services; considering a job that will last min 20 years based on our roofing knowledge, if yet still you need a manufacturer Warranty, always ask ahead and we will make sure you get a licensed roof with up to 50 years material warranty.

For a flat roof replacement, we provide ten years material and labour Warranty; we take full responsibility for your flat roof for the first ten years. If you maintain your commercial flat roof with us after ten years, it will easily last another 10 to 15 years.

A proper 2-ply Flat roof system that we install will last around 25 years if torched by a professional and by manufacture code, While a 1ply tpo roof usually has only a 5 to 10 years Warranty.

Our goal is to provide a perfect service and have another happy customer.

For more questions about Warranties, call us at 416-666-0798 and speak to Aryan.




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