Residential and Commercial Roofing Services in Toronto


Quality Roofing Services Ltd offers superior residential roofing in Toronto, including maintenance, installation, and repairs. Our team of licensed roofing contractors in Toronto, GTA takes pride in representing our local, reliable roofing company in Toronto.

We have developed our roofing services in Toronto and products specifically with the residential roofing customer in mind.

We know your Roof is a significant investment and that roofing emergencies happen. That is why we offer only the best roofing products and installation services that match your request and also provide a lifetime solution regarding your roofing needs

Our products are solid and resistant to withstand even the most severe weather. Each of our roofing products has a Class 4 hail impact rating, a Class A fire rating, and a 130 MPH wi; each is algae resistant. 

Our expert installation methods ensure that we consistently install each Roof correctly, effectively, and within your budget so you will never have to worry about replacing it for 20 to 30 years.

At Quality Roofing Services, we are not just selling shelters; we are selling the opportunity never to roof again, Get your Free Roof Estimate Today.

Why Hire Quality Roofing Services ltd as your Roofing Contractor:

  • Residential Roof installation, maintenance, and repairs
  • Commercial roof replacement, maintenance, and repair
  • Industrial roof replacement, maintenance, and repair
  • 24/7 emergency roof repair services

Residential Roofing in Toronto

Are you in need of a roof replacement? Quality Roofing Services wants to protect your home with a reliable roofing system. Our roof installations are high-quality and affordable. Depending on the type of roof replacement, our standard roofs last approximately 15 years, but at Quality Roofing Services, we offer you the opportunity Never to Roof Again. Our Guarantees, Executive Collection of products, and Executive Installation Process make us the proper roofing professionals for you.


There are many telltale signs that it’s time to call a roof specialist to upgrade your home. But the first question is, “How old is your roof?” If you have passed the 20-year mark with an asphalt roof, you may start seeing problems like cracking, balding, curling, or nails sticking out. Worst case scenario, you may have started experiencing leaks or water damage in your attic. This is strong evidence that your Roof is well past its prime.

Certain other materials can get more longevity. Metal roofs can last 30+ years. Clay roofs can reach well beyond 50 years. Slate roofs have a reputation for lasting over a century. Ultimately, some of the most significant factors determining the lifespan of your Roof will usually relate to the following:

  • Quality of Installation
  • Level of Maintenance Over Time
  • The Severity of Abuse from Weather Conditions & Storms
  • Ongoing Presence of Plants, Animals, or Moisture


Metal roofing is quickly rising in popularity for home improvements. Quality Roofing Services offers top-notch roofing replacements that are completely reliable and wear-resistant and will make your home look sleek and gorgeous. You can choose from various roofing styles to find the perfect fit for your home.

Residential Roofing in Toronto

Asphalt roof installations are among the most common types of residential roof installations. With this type of Roof, you can choose from many different designs, patterns, and colour options. Our high-quality new asphalt roofs will withstand extreme weather situations without faltering and offer various warranty options for your peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that Quality Roofing Services Ltd is on your side, your Roof is built to last by certified roofing professionals.

What Other Tasks Are Included in Roof Replacement for Your Residential Roofing in Toronto? 

Roof replacement involves more than just adding metal sheets or asphalt shingles. Here are some of the steps (and materials) included. 

  • Inspecting The Roof Deck: After the shingles, tiles, or old metal sheets have been removed, the roof decking should be reviewed to determine its condition. (The roof deck is the wooden structure that supports the Roof.) Roofers will look for any damage or rot. Some or all of the decking may need to be replaced if it is damaged. 
  • Installing New Underlayment: The underlayment is an added layer of protection between the decking and shingles that helps protect against moisture or leakage. It is usually made from felt, or it’s a synthetic material. 
  • Updating Roof Flashing: Flashing is a metal installed where roofing meets a wall or a roof valley. If your Roof flashing is in good shape, it may not be updated. 
  • Installing Drip Edge: A drip edge is a strip of metal along the edge of a roof. Its purpose is to control the water flow and help prevent it from getting under the shingles or causing damage to the roof deck.
  • Ridge Capping: Special shingles, tiles, or metal sheets must be installed along the hips or ridges where two angles meet after other roofing is installed.
  •  Adding Roof Vents: A roof vent is a device that allows air to flow in and out of the attic. It helps regulate the temperature and moisture levels in the attic. Roof vents can be either passive or active. Passive roof vents, such as those that use wind or convection to move air, require no external power source. On the other hand, active roof vents use fans or other mechanical means to move air in and out of the attic. Roof vents are typically installed near the peak of the Roof.

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