A Quick Guide to the World of Decking

Decking is the first step taken before installing the shingles. The shingles that people install on their roof are attached with the wood decking. Installation of decking is considered as one of the most important things as it affects the warranty period of the shingles.
The most common decking material that people like to install on their roof nowadays is the plywood. This is because it has longer life expectancy than the other decking products.
Timely maintenance of the decking is necessary to avoid leakage on the roof. Hire professional roofing contractors in Toronto from our company to get the best decking service. We have a team of expert workers who have years of experience and knowledge in the field of roofing. With our quality decking products, your roof will look like the best in all over your locality.

Only with the help of the best roofers in Toronto, you will be able to get the best decking on your roof top. We use some of the latest techniques and tools for the installation of decks on the roof.

Warranty of our materials

It depends on the type of decking materials you choose to install on your roof. Our warranty period covers the protection against manufacturing and installation defects. The warranty of the shingles also depends on the decking, so it will be better if you choose the professionals like us for its installation.

Price of the deckings

The price of the decking depends on lots of factors like quantity and quality of the material, structures, designs, etc. It will be better if you consider your budget first to get the best service within your price range. For more details, you can contact us, we are one of the best residential roofing companies in Toronto.

These are the signs of common deck problems

If you find any kind of wave or dip in the decking material then it should be removed or replaced. Those are the indicator that the decking product is not made of good quality wood. Never try to hide the rotten portion of the decking product with another one. It will only make the situation worse and nothing more. The best option will be to replace it with a whole new one.

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